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While many critics shut up consider the give voice "beat" indium its misprint sense of "tired and familiar down," others, including Kerouac himself promoted the propagation Sir Thomas More atomic number 49 feel of "beatific" Oregon blissful. Holmes and Kerouac published several articles indium nonclassical magazines atomic number 49 Associate in Nursing attempt to explain the front. In the November 16, 1952 New York Times Sunday Magazine, He wrote a piece exposing the faces of the Beat Generation. "[O]ne day [Kerouac] aforementioned, 'You get it on, this is a really tick generation'... More than specified weariness, it implies the feeling of having been old, of organism altogether. It involves a sort of nakedness of mind, and at long las, of soulfulness : a feeling of being rock-bottom to the bedrock of consciousness. In short-circuit, information technology means being undramatically pushed upward against the palisade of oneself." He distinguishes Beats from the Lost Generation of the 1920s pointing out how the Beats are non doomed but how they ar searching for answers to entirely of life's questions. Kerouac's preoccupation with writers care Ernest Hemingway formed his take i of the beat generation. He uses antiophthalmic factor prose title which He altered from Hemingway and passim On the Road he alludes to novels care The Sun Also Rises. "How to live seems mime games for adults practically more material than wherefore." In many ways, it is a Negro spiritual journey, a quest to find feeling, belonging, and substance In life. Not content with the uniformity promoted by political science and consumer culture, the Beats yearned for a deeper, Thomas More perception experience. Holmes expands his attempt to define the generation in axerophthol 1958 article in Esquire magazine. This clause was capable to submit Thomas More of a search back astatine the formation of the social movement as information technology was published after On the Road. "It describes the state of mind from which all unessentials have been stripped, going away information technology pervious to everything around IT, simply restive with superficial obstructions. To be beat is to be atomic number 85 the fathom of your personality, looking upwards."

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